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Working Mum’s excitement

Can you hear that?


Back to school. Byebye!

That ‘wahoo’?

It might be faint in your corner of the world, but believe me it is loud and proud here in Auckland, NZ.

It was me.

I’ve just dropped the girls back to school after the long summer holidays, and like hundreds (maybe thousands) of working from home Mums I may have elicited a loud shriek.

I know your Facebook timeline is full of Mums flossing over their womb fruit, tear in eye, as they send them back to school. ‘We had such fun.’ Post after freakin post. It seems everybody’s had fun these school holidays. ‘I will miss having them at home’, the really besotted say.


Do I like my kids? Yeah, I do.

Are they fun, interesting sometimes challenging? Of course.

Did I gleefully offer to drive them back to school, and drop them off as early as possible?

Er, why yes I did. I’m not ashamed of the fact. I know that my kids were getting bored and were eager to get back to formal learning. They like their school. They like hanging out with their friends, they like having a routine that provides stability and texture in their days.

As for me, I like   love the fact that for the first time in eight weeks the house – my home office – is all mine. I can hear myself think. I won’t have to stay up till the wee hours to get that same quality of quiet. That treacle quiet, when every word forms slowly and ideas spill viscously whole onto the keyboard.

I won’t have to block out the guilt inspiring baleful looks. Yes, I know we should have done more in the holidays. Yes, I know we should have spent more time at the beach, in the pool, hanging out doing nothing.

Yes. I know.

But look you’re back to school now and a whole nother year of learning and growing lies ahead. As it does for me, as I work hard to build my business. If I’m lucky by the time we get to the next school holidays I will be able to take more time off. There will be no need for guilt or bored, sad faces.

The media are focussing on New Zealand’s rock star economy right now and economic confidence is high. Are we through the hangover of the GFC? Perhaps we are, at least Down Under, and like most hangovers our recovery has taken time and gradual improvement. Even the Chinese New Year, the year of the Horse, is predicting success for those in the electronic and creative industries.

That sound you heard? That wahoo? It was me giving voice to my relief and excitement for this year. It was me saying ‘thank God for back to school…and back to business.’

Are you happy to see the kids go back to school or are you washing out the snotty hanky?

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