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Christmas rules are for breaking

We’ve always had rules about Christmas in our house.


Christmas comes with rules we break every single year.

No talking about the ‘C’ word until December. Christmas cards must be written in November for sending across the other side of the world – though they never get sent. They sit at the bottom of my handbag getting curled and smelly until March when I defeatedly bin them.

And the Christmas tree goes up on the weekend nearest the 1st of December. 

This year, we planned to celebrate Mr VegemiteVix’s birthday on the Saturday and put the tree up on the Sunday. Ah, the plans of mice and men eh? That didn’t happen. Oh sure we celebrated Mr VegemiteVix’s 39th (I know I’m a cradle snatcher) on the Saturday but we also kinda couldn’t wait to put the tree and decorations up.

We couldn’t wait. What madness is this?

Before you could sing Fa La La La La we were diving into the garage full of junk (er important valuables that haven’t yet been unpacked!) and found the box full of decorations we’ve gathered over the years from around the world.

In amongst the strings of coloured beads which wouldn’t feature in a Home and Garden Christmas special, there are some rather tatty but much loved decorations from the kids’ childhood.

There’s the Santa Advent calendar I picked up in a St Heliers shop when Mr 19 was a toddler.


Trusty Santa Advent Calendar. Ah the squabbles we’ve had over the lollies.

Oh the fights we’ve had over the years over Santa, and more to the point ‘Who ate all the lollies in one go, leaving the rest of the advent lolly-less? Then there’s the lovingly crafted  Christmas Stocking Miss Fliss made…it still has her name neatly written by the kindy teacher on the back.


Stocking lovingly made by Miss 4

And even though this year we decided to choose a red and silver theme the special decorations – the little glass teddy bear, the homemade stocking, the pink ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ ornament – still managed to find their way onto the tree.

Completely ruining my House and Garden vision of Christmas decorating perfection!


0 christmas tree…

This year we happily discovered we have four sets of lights and a house large enough to really decorate. So we did.

The stairs…


Christmas stairs

The deck.


Christmas deck overlooking Bucklands Beach and Rangitoto in the distance

Even the kitchen; where all the hard yakka takes place. You should see me cooking the turkey in the middle of a summer’s day. I have been known to cook it in my swimming togs.

We still haven’t finished with our decorations and are hoping to find some suction cup thingames to help stick up the lights and baubles and I hope to actually make some of these amazing ideas I’ve gleaned from Pinterest.

These look perfect for Christmas DownUnder


Perfect for a hot Christmas – http://www.pinterest.com/pin/84090718016247917/

It may not be very House and Garden, and I have been known to sob at some of the more beautiful Christmas displays my bloggy friends have put up like this one (Simone) or this one (Meghan) but our Christmas hotch-potch visually demonstrates us as a family. A blended one at that. We will be working hard to combine the very best of Northern and Southern hemisphere traditions this year, with a bit of Kiwi, Aussie and Pommie flavour thrown in for good measure.

But the most important thing? We’re breaking the biggest Christmas ‘rule’ of all this year.

We are actually going to enjoy being together. Reminiscing and remembering traditions that bind us together as a family – albeit a crazy one. And this year, the funny thing is…..

I’m actually looking forward to Christmas.

Are you?


Vegemitevix is the story of a crazy Kiwi travel blogger and expat Mum who swapped Vegemite for Marmite, Pavlova for Pork Pies, and beautiful beaches for Blighty all for the love of an Englishman she met in Paris. Now back in New Zealand Vegemitevix blogs about travel, expat life, parenting teenagers and how to blog. Please follow on Google + my Google Profile+.

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