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Auckland City Shark

One of the best things about living in Auckland, New Zealand is that the country never fails to surprise. Today I saw a shark for breakfast.


Calm quiet and beautiful Bucklands Beach, today visited by a massive bronze whaler shark.


At the inner city beach – Bucklands Beach – where I live.

I was running along (read jogging interspersed with walking/hobbling) the beach front when one of the fishermen pointed to a fin in the water about 1 metre from the sea wall and not far from his line. The tide was high and lapping at the stone wall and there not far from where we were standing was the unmistakable shape of a very large shark.

A. very. LARGE. Shark.

We assume it was a bronze whaler as the fin was brown and it appeared to have a cream underbelly, or so we saw when it jumped out of the water. It stayed to entertain us for a good ten minutes slipping under the waves only to reappear half a metre away.

Mesmorised, I did as any writer/blogger worth their salt would do. I grabbed video footage from my trusty iphone. As I stood there videoing a small crowd joined us on the sea wall including a woman walking her glossy black Labrador Retriever.

We all gasped with horror as the ball she had been throwing for the dog fell into the water and the shark emerged from the briny depths to nudge the tennis ball. Thankfully she had hastily clipped the dog’s lead back on so the Lab could not follow i’s retriever instincts.

This video is doing the rounds on Twitter and Facebook and I’ll upload it to Youtube soon but here it is. Aren’t sharks amazing creatures?

But don’t think I’ll be swimming at the beach for a bit. Would you go in for a dip with a bronze whaler?

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