Early Morning Mindfulness

I haven’t been out for a run for ages. It’s just so hard to get out there when you’ve not been for a while. I berate myself the whole way. I’m not at all easy on myself. But this morning I’m so very pleased I did.

Because this morning I felt the morning.

Do you know what I mean?

I’ve been reading a great deal about mindfulness, how to be present in the moment. It’s a way to forget about stuff.

I went out running this morning. Ok, it was more of a jog with lots of stops. I’m not sure how good it was for me health wise or weight wise, but soul wise it was ace.


Even the smallest, humblest things looked amazing. Like this wooden rail on the boardwalk..


I even saw these beautiful natural stretch-marks…aren’t they beautiful (wish my tum looked like this!)


It was such a relief to be out in the fresh Spring morning. It’s not supposed to be Spring yet, but it really does feel like it. It’s funny how just a little more light and a little more sunshine can make the situation feel so much better.

Oh and a little exercise. Of course.