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I’m like a supermodel

We have a lot in common, Elle MacPherson and I.

We are both working Mums and both love the sea. We have sooooo much in common!

A lot!

It’s the little things.. like…knickers… I like wearing hers, she likes me paying to wear hers. And believe me they’re expensive over here. (Oh how I miss the Bendon outlet shop in East Tamaki. Miss you ladies. Mwah!)

Then of course there’s the obvious stuff, we’re both attractive women – my beauty is internal, hers is more of an external in-your-face-kind-of-thing – but it’s a subtle difference. Like grey is to black!

We’re both in our forties, we both come from Down Under and now live ‘Up Top’. We both have kids and careers. You could argue her career is pretty much being the poster woman for the yummy school gate mummy, but we won’t let such minor differences come between us.

The similarities are, after all, too compelling.

I gather that being a supermodel means Elle subscribes to the whole Naomi paradigm of  ‘never getting out of bed for less than £10,000 per day’.

We have that sentiment in common too. If I earnt anywhere near just £5000 per day I wouldn’t be getting out of bed at all! I have at least 18 years of parenting initiated sleep depravation to catch up on.

We both hate birthdays, though you could say we both look younger than our years – she’s 47 and I’m 44.  We both love the sea, both love the waves, and both love animals.

There is one little weeny thing you can’t say we have in common. It’s so little you could almost miss it. In fact I nearly did. I’m so used to people pointing out that Elle is the poster girl for the modern successful businesswoman. The point-to for a brain-is-sexy role model. When I remind the male fan that she is better known as The Body, than The Brain, he typically smiles and retorts ‘see beautiful women can be smart’.


About that….

But can they be kind?

I almost missed this news released late last year in the shadow of a series of newspaper articles claiming Elle’s still got The Body looks, and how smart she is as a business woman. It was a small piece from the Leveson Inquiry, pointing out how Elle first forced her long term personal assistant into rehab and then subsequently fired her, after suspecting the woman leaked personal information to the media.

Of course, Mary-Ellen Field hadn’t been blabbing, someone from the News of the World had been intercepting Elle’s voicemail messages.

And the rehab centre wasn’t a walk in the park, but rather a grade one psychiatric facility in the Arizona desert, patrolled by armed guards.

You see that’s where the similarities between Elle and I end and that’s where I get off the admiration train. I believe that women in business don’t have to have balls of steel to get on. I don’t believe that they need to become modern Lady Macbeths, to unsex themselves and fill up with ‘direst cruelty’ to be successful in a masculine business world. (Macbeth Act 1 scene 5 38-43)

I’m not ashamed of having the mind, body and heart, of a woman – at home as well as at work.

Sorry Elle, but I won’t be lauding your example as a successful businesswoman any more, but if it’s still ok with you, I still want to get into your knickers.













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