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101 uses of Vegemite!

let’s get something clear straight off – Vegemite is like Pavlova, Crowded House, Phar Lap, and Keith Urban – the Aussies try to nick it and claim it as their own!

Vegemite is a yeast extract, not at all like Marmite! It is way, way superior!!

Marmite will strip all your tastebads off your tongue, Vegemite will honey them with a sweet good-for-you inky lacquor

Vegemite came about as a substitute for Marmite when supplies ran out in Australia during the war. It’s made from yeast leftover from the beer brewing process. As we know being Australia, where the population spreads most of its time laid out like a lizard drinking – there’s a lot of the stuff on which to build a product.

Originally called Vegemite, it didn’t sell so well, so they changed it’s name to Parwill. It was supposed to be a play on words – Ma might, but Pa will!

But that didn’t go down a treat either so they changed the name back to Vegemite. It’s been popular in NZ and Australia ever since. SO much so that the epitome of a treat for a homesick Kiwi (or Aussie) in the northern hemisphere is a piece of Vogel’s toast spread with Vegemite!!

Here’s Vegemitevix’s list  – a few of the 101 fabulous uses for Vegemite…..

1)Hangover cure – don’t need Berocca after a hard day’s night out drinking – Vegemite is FULL of vitamin B, and tastier than a raw egg yolk mixer.

2)Hair gel - obviously for those with dark hair, otherwise it will look a little odd!

3)Gravy cheat – whilst Gordon Ramsey’s looking the other way slip a little of this in your gravy and voila, tasty rich gourmet gravy!

4)Morning sickness cure – I craved the stuff whilst preggers. I couldn’t eat much, and that I did eat I recycled onto the daisies, but vegemite on toast was very comforting and full of folic acid for the alien growing in my tummy!

5)It will survive nuclear annihilation - I don’t think it ever goes off!

6)Song lyrics - It features as distinctive lyrics in the 1980s Men at work hit – I come from a Land Downunder – “Buying bread from a man in Brussels, he was six feet four and full of muscles. I said ‘Do you speak-a my language?’ He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich!

7)Space stuff Australian astronauts are given vegemite to sustain them in space!

8) Soldier juice – ANZACs had vegemite in their kit bags at Gallipoli!

9)Sushi filler – Apparently, you can substitute vegemite for soy sauce (shoyu) in sushi! But I’m not sure why you would. Vegemite and wasabi? That’ll blow your head off!

10)Zit zapper! - If you put it on an ulcer or a zit it will zap it clean away! Truly!

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