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mental health 6

Send in the clowns

It had been a tough day and we were struggling to find anything to laugh about. My Englishman was visiting for the day trying to ease back into routine and we’d been out to buy a car. I say, a car, but what I really mean is four wheels a...

mental-health 8

Plot Twist

If our story was a novel, this is the point where we’d yell ‘plot twist’.  Readers would puzzle and say ‘I didn’t see that coming’ and other wiser beings those who are clued up on foreshadowing and other literary devices would say ‘I knew it all along.’ But for us,...

jack 6

Jack fell down and broke his crown

For the first time in three days I’m sitting calmly. The sea is a deep green outside my window and the wisteria has bloomed into sprays of white and lavender. The sun is behind a cloud, but it’s there.  I can feel it. And my heart has quietened now from...